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MS trip reflection: Yogya 2017

                       The theme of the 2017 MS trip was awareness this is the theme because we were being aware of our surroundings and we were aware  of our friends rules and opportunities and risks and choices. For example we had lots of time to buy things in the market and we had to be aware of the time and our money spending. This important because we need to know how to use our money this is use in real life this can help all the time in life in case of bad times.
                This is a link to the picture below where you can see it better.  one more reason that that we were were aware of our surroundings when we used our sketch books to draw our surroundings this helps me to look around and see new things too that I never would have noticed. My final reason that this trip's theme is awareness is that we were aware of the culture that we live in but we all seal ourselves of from it which is sad because all of that knowledge will never be found we will leave here knowing no…

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